Getting Past the Job Search Burnout

I’ve been looking for jobs since I decided a year ago to move to the Dallas/Fort Worth area after graduation. Until recently, I was only looking to see what was out there, but now is the time to get serious about finding a job. Problem is, the job search can be incredibly discouraging. There’s nothing quite like reading the job description and thinking about how much you would love to have a … [Read more...]

Brands Take a Stand

Brands are breaking the mold on social advocacy, a traditional approach that The Guardian explains as a “Look what we’ve done, now buy our stuff” mantra. Instead, brands are now reaching out and asking their consumers to stand with them in their social fights, and to become a part of social movements. This call-to-action technique allows brands to be more engaging, and this urgency for ethical … [Read more...]

It’s Netflix Time

One brand that started from nothing and has become a part of everyday conversation is Netflix. Netflix is a prime example of a modest startup company that has achieved international success for its innovative ideas. Not a day goes by that I do not hear someone say that they are going to go watch or are already watching some show or movie on Netflix. Netflix not only defined online video … [Read more...]

The Influence of Digital Media

The advertising industry has recently seen a huge shift to digital media. A higher percentage of advertising budgets are being spent on digital media, and it is gaining more attention from consumers. Many advertising and public relations firms are also now offering additional services such as interactive media services, which helps to attract more clients. In 2013, digital media advertising grew … [Read more...]